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We have answers to the most common questions asked by our corporate and residential clients—and Purple Tie employees. Just read and click the arrows below.

Corporate and Residential Client Q&A

To find team members who meet our standards of excellence, we partner with universities and hospitality programs. Of course, employee referrals are also a valued resource. We conduct face-to-face interviews with prospective employees, and also travel to recruit and train hundreds of out-of-state employees for events across the country. All Purple Tie event catering staff members work part-time, and their eligibility is verified through the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program.

Hiring a temporary staff allows our clients to respond to higher volumes without adding full-time employees or adding overtime hours. Our temp staff is a great resource when a client’s employee can’t make a shift or calls in sick. In addition, Purple Tie pays for benefits and handles unemployment benefits and workman’s compensation claims.

Employee training includes a combination of videos, online testing, classroom sessions, on-site training and mentoring from our senior hospitality service staff, many of whom who have worked with Ridgewells for over 30 years. We regularly evaluate our staff members’ performance and ask for feedback from fellow employees and clients.

A four-hour minimum is required for each staff person hired.

Overtime charges are only applicable when a client requests to have a Purple Tie employee work for more than 40 hours within a seven-day week, from Monday to Sunday.

Any staff reductions or cancellations must be requested 24 hours prior to the event. If changes are made within 24 hours—even if changes are due to inclement weather—clients will be charged four hours of work per each staff member requested. This policy is effective even if the event is postponed to a later date.

Rates are on an hourly basis and take into account travel time outside the DC metropolitan area. Note that a double rate will be applied to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (after 3pm), Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve (after 3pm) and New Year’s Day. Please call Purple Tie for further details about pricing.

The Purple Tie management team has extensive hospitality and event logistics experience. Members of our team are available on-site during events to provide support to clients, oversee the check-in and sign-out of staff at large events, and review our staff’s performance.

Our temp-to-hire option allows businesses to audition staff prior to hiring. If you’re interested in hiring one of our staff members, please know that our employee must work a minimum of 30 shifts on the Purple Tie payroll before transferring to a client’s payroll. There are no additional charges after all billing for 30 shifts is reconciled.

Purple Tie has vast experience at events serving thousands of people. We provide staffing for the U.S. Open Golf Championship (over 20,000 guests), which is held in a different state each year. Other corporate events include the Nuclear Security Summit at the Washington Convention Center (49 world leaders) and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Centennial (16,000 guests).

Purple Tie Employee Q&A

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic members to join our hospitality staffing agency.

We hire employees at all levels of experience. Note that all prospective Purple Tie employees are screened through the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program.

Yes, our employee training includes a mix of video training, online testing, classroom sessions, on-site training and mentoring from our senior hospitality service staff. We make sure our employees are fully prepared before they work an event.

Yes, we provide a variety of uniform options for our clients to choose from. Staff members have the opportunity to purchase items from Purple Tie.

Our staff members have online access to their schedules, which include start and end times, detailed uniform requirements and the exact work location of the assignment. Our electronic payroll system allows us to access time and attendance information and to provide fast turnaround on payroll inquiries.

Purple Tie employees can work 40 hours within a seven-day week, from Monday to Sunday. We provide overtime pay for additional hours.

To become eligible for an in-person interview, please send an email, along with your résumé or work history to We will contact you if we think you might be a good match for our team.

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